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The Prettiest Bookshop in the World

Built in 1906 by the engineer Francisco Xavier Esteves, the Livraria Lello building is packed with unique architectural details! Alongside some of the most iconic features of the space, there are now artistic installations and exhibitions that contribute to the mission of valuing books and authors.
There is, therefore, an abundance of reasons to visit the Prettiest Bookshop in the World!

Livraria Lello X Time: What Makes a Nobel?

The artistic intervention, Livraria Lello X Time: What Makes a Nobel?, signed by Time's creative director, D. W. Pine, highlights authors awarded by the Swedish Academy who were on the cover of the North American magazine, but also many others, not Nobel, who deserved first page honors.

José Saramago Room

Sala José Saramago was born out of a partnership between Livraria Lello and José Saramago Foundation. The space brings together first editions, works translated into different languages and personal objects selected by Pilar del Río, which tell unique stories about the only Portuguese-language writer who has won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Neo-Gothic Building

The Livraria Lello building is one of the most emblematic examples of the neo-Gothic style in the city of Porto and in Portugal, outstanding in its immediate surrounding urban landscape. 


The single most emblematic feature of Livraria Lello takes centre stage inside: the iconic staircase. 

Stained glass window 

A generously sized and brightly coloured stained glass window by the Dutch master Samuel Van Krieken embellishes the ceiling of the Prettiest Bookshop in the World. 

Gemma Room

This is where some of Livraria Lello's most precious jewels are found: antique, rare and luxury books. 

Vivid Voices

This is a place that expands the Livraria Lello's vivid voice as a cultural actor, hosting book presentations, gatherings and exhibitions.

Enchanted Forest

A room dedicated to the magical universe of children's literature. This Forest is visited by the Lello Bookshop Fairy, who enchants the younger ones with magnificent stories. This is where we organise a range of activities designed for tomorrow's readers.  

Traces of Livraria Lello's history

Throughout the building there are traces of the stories that make up the history of Livraria Lello, which we preserve and do not want to go unnoticed.

Artistic Installation “The Face of Porto”

When you enter Livraria Lello, in the upper windows on the left, you will find the installation "O Rosto do Porto".

Lifestyle Theme Room 

From gastronomy to fashion, art and tourism, this room brings together the best readings for finding the good side to life in small pleasures. A selection of books to embark on a voyage through sensations.

Temporary exhibitions

In addition to thousands of books and a building with details of rare beauty, those who visit Livraria Lello also find temporary exhibitions that share unique stories. Now, the exhibition Livraria Lello x Time: Amuse Bouche is on the first floor of Livraria.


The Livraria Lello's windows are always the reflection of artistic expression. Currently, they present an installation which works as an introduction to the project that brought TIME magazine and Livraria Lello together on a trip to the Nobel Prizes in Literature.