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Amor de Perdição

Camilo Castelo Branco

ISBN: 8000000101808


A facsimile edition of the monumental work composed and printed by Casa Editora Alcino Aranha & Cª, which marks a landmark in the history of publishing. The monumental edition of Amor de Perdição certainly pleased Camilo. We know, from a card deposited in the Oporto Municipal Public Library, that the author himself wrote to Alcino Aranha to thank him for his work that furthermore proves that he had seen it prior to his death in 1890. This was a faithful reproduction of the 1891 edition with its red binding richly engraved in black and gold. In addition to its careful graphic appearance, it stands out for including studies by three of the most prominent critics of the time: Pinheiro Chagas, Ramalho Ortigão and Teófilo Braga; as well as illustrations by J. J. de Sousa Pinto, Caetano Moreira da Costa Lima, José de Almeida e Silva. From Porto to the world, Camilo Castelo Branco's masterpiece was written - in just fifteen days! - in the old prison where the author was imprisoned for the crime of adultery, a few meters away from the building that would become the home of Livraria Lello. The forbidden love of Simão and Teresa bears testimony not only to the inventive nature of one of the most striking figures of Portugal’s 19th century cultural scene but also and simultaneously to the tragic passions that characterised the Romantic period and which Camilo so well experienced.

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